Dear dokiWatch Users,

Please note that the Android app, iOS app and the watch firmware for existing Doki customer is now available. There are lots of changes for this update so please read the below carefully.

What's new ?

Android and iOS app

- New icons and UI
- New stickers
- Remote setting of Wifi of the watch
- Fixed class mode bugs
- Improved notifications alert

Doki Watch Firmware

New functions

- Incoming SMS to the watch when watch is on, will be forward to the Doki App (Good for customers to get low credit alert SMSs)
- New stickers
- Volume control (Ringtone, alarm etc.)
- Vibration when receive video calling
- New UI

Just like previous watch OTA, not all the customers will get the update immediately, please make sure the battery is over 50%, good data or Wifi connection, reboot to get the alert.

Version Codes

The latest version codes for all the softwares are listed below.

Android - international version: 3.0.0
iOS - international version: 2.5.7
Doki Firmware - 2100 model: doki_v4.40
Doki Firmware - 1900 model (US and Latin America): doki_v4.40_US